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Municipalities help their trees in a targeted way with TreeBuddy

The sustainable irrigation bag with the print of your choice


The sustainable irrigation bag with the print of your choice

Every tree needs a friend - Your TreeBuddy tree irrigation bag!

Green trees decorate our cityscape. But trees in the city suffer especially from the dry summers. The trees have to be watered regularly to aid development and not to dry out. Many cities and municipalities are downright overburdened. The city of Frankfurt, for example, had to cut down around 4,000 trees in 2020 due to the drought.


Conventional irrigation of trees is costly and often ineffective. In most cases, approximately25 percent of the water can actually be absorbed by our trees. The water evaporates or runs unused


into the sewage system. The rest only penetrates the soil superficially, so our trees remain thirsty.



Trees need a lot of water, which seeps slowly and deeply into the soil.


And this is exactly what we achieve with our TreeBuddy tree irrigation bags. The content of up to 75 or 100 litres of water trickles out of the irrigation bag over a period of up to 8 hours and completely seeps into the tree disc area. Through this drip irrigation, the water reaches the root system in the deep soil layers.


The TreeBuddies are quick to fill and all the water is beneficial to the tree.


Our trees love that.


Original Treebuddy

Unit priceupwards from 18,50 €

Including 16% VAT and shipping
  • up to 8 hours water release
  • 75 litres volume
  • 30 cm trunk circumference
  • extendable by zip
  • Tear-resistant PVC
  • UV resistant
  • no temperature Sensitivity
  • Extended opening for C – hose
  • colour: green

Treebuddy Premium

Unit price upwards from 28,50 €

Including 16% VAT and shipping
  • up to 8 hours water release
  • up to 85 litres volume
  • up to 80 cm trunk circumference
  • extendable by zip
  • UV resistant
  • no temperature Sensitivity
  • Extended opening for C – hose
  • individual logo possible from a minimum order of 10 Buddys
  • recyclable
  • Made in Germany 🇩🇪

Customer telephone Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 16:00
office: 069 9798 2210 · mobil: 0176 640 87 115

TreeBuddy Premium:
With logo of your office, city or municipality

The TreeBuddy Premium can be produced with the logo of your city.


Or even with the logo of sponsors to relieve the burden on the city treasury.


Special premium advantages:

  • Made in Germany
  • particularly robust and tear-resistant material
  • recyclable PVC
  • Bags can be repaired

Tree sponsorships

  • Tree sponsorship programmes are being used by more and more cities and municipalities to relieve the burden on green space offices and building yards and to ensure the survival of urban trees.
  • Irrigation bags motivate and help citizens to irrigate.
  • The TreeBuddy Premium – the most robust watering bag – is also ideal for tree sponsorships.
  • Your own logo attracts attention and always new tree sponsors.

Read about examples of tree sponsorships in Kaarst and Dormagen

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Any questions about the logo? We will be happy to advise you! Simply call us at
Office: +49 69 9798 2210, mobile: +49 176 640 87 115 or by e-mail: info@treebuddy.de

Please contact us by e-mail and let us know your wishes. We will contact you directly!

Ideal irrigation system for urban trees

The water is kept in place and slowly released to the ground. Surrounding pavements or roads are not contaminated by excess water. One to two irrigation procedures pera week are sufficient to supply young trees with the necessary water.

Efficient, water and cost-saving irrigation system

In order to provide a tree with sufficient water in the first 3-5 years after planting due to natural rainfall between April and September becoming increasingly rare. Reserves from the winter season are becoming increasingly scarce.


In cities and municipalities, trees have to struggle with soil compaction, the tree disc is sealed and pollutants do the rest. In the summer months the amount of rainfall is too low. Even this rain is often not well absorbed by the soil because it is already far too dry. Young trees or shallow roots cannot reach the ground water and need an additional water supply meaningtree irrigation is necessary.


Tree irrigation is complex and expensive. During the last few summers many municipalities called in the THW or the fire brigade for help, who then drove through the streets with water tankers and carried out the tree irrigation. This is certainly not an ideal solution. The water runs off much too quickly and cannot be absorbed by the trees.


Sustainable and more effective is an irrigation of 75-100 litres of water per tree, which seeps into the tree and can then be absorbed by it. This is exactly what is achieved by using irrigation bags which directs thewater to where it is needed.


The irrigation bags can be filled in a very short time and then empty over a period of about 8 hours. TreeBuddies can be filled particularly quickly, so that the staff of the Green Office can irrigate more trees in a shorter time and at the same time save water, as it is used more efficiently and in a more targeted manner.


We offer irrigation bags that are made in Germany and can be printed with a municipal or city coat of arms. This also offers possibilities to find sponsors for the financing of the bags or to set up programmes for tree sponsorships in a sensible way. Here we work successfully with many municipalities and will be happy to provide you with information.


If at some point the bags can no longer be used, they can be sent for recycling.

LV texts for tenders for download

TreeBuddy Original
TreeBuddy PE
TreeBuddy Premium