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Every tree needs a friend against the drought

The sustainable tree irrigation bag TreeBuddy provides targeted help

Climate change will make summers longer and hotter. As a result, natural rainfall is not sufficient to supply our trees with water and nutrients.


Conventional irrigation of existing trees and new plantations is costly and often ineffective. In most cases, approximately 25 percent of the water can actually be absorbed by our trees. The water evaporates or runs unused into the sewage system. The rest only penetrates the soil superficially, so our trees remain thirsty.

Trees need a lot of water, which seeps slowly and deeply into the soil.


And this is exactly what we achieve with our TreeBuddy tree irrigation bags. The content of up to 75 litres of water trickles out of the irrigation bag over a period of up to 8 hours and completely seepsinto the tree disc area. Through this drip irrigation the water reaches the root system in the deep soil layers.


What our trees love.

Customer telephone Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 16:00
069 9798 2210 – mobile: 0176 640 87 115

Easy installation, no earthworks required

Saves time and money through fast filling and longer casting cycles

Saves water through longer, efficient irrigation

Made in Germany – Sustainable through recycling

Positive perception through labelling / logo

Liquid fertiliser can be added with water


Original Treebuddy

Unit price upwards from 18,50 €

Including 16% VAT and shipping
  • up to 8 hours water release
  • 75 litres volume
  • 30 cm trunk circumference
  • extendable by zip
  • Tear-resistant PVC
  • UV resistant
  • no temperature Sensitivity
  • Extended opening for C – hose
  • colour: green

Treebuddy Premium

Unit price from 28,50 €

Including 16% VAT and shipping
  • up to 8 hours water release
  • up to 85 litres volume
  • up to 80 cm trunk circumference
  • extendable by zip
  • UV resistant
  • no temperaturesensitivity
  • Extended opening for C – hose
  • individual logo possible from a minimum order of 10 Buddys
  • recyclable
  • Made in Germany 🇩🇪

What makes our TreeBuddy Premium so special?

  • Made in Germany!
  • The material is highly stable and recyclable!
  • Can be produced with your own logo.
  • Available in green, blue or grey.
  • The TreeBuddy Premium can be repaired.
  • For trees with acircumference up to 80 cm

Customer telephone Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 16:00
069 9798 2210 –mobile:0176 640 87 115

Our mission

Everyone is talking about climate change. We see, hear and read about it in the media every day,but the consequences are also visible right on our doorstep. The trees on our streetsare drying up. TreeBuddy wants to make a modest contribution to making the irrigation of street trees more efficient, effective and water-saving, thus enabling the irrigation of more trees

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